Monday, January 17, 2022

Jamshedpur: Tata Cummins Employees Union election put on hold

Jamshedpur, December 7: Due to non-receipt of permission from the district administration due to Covid-19, the election of Tata Cummins (TC) Employees Union has been temporarily put on hold. The union leadership says that after getting permission, from where the process has been stopped, it will be started from there.

The process of election for the selection of the new executive in TC Employees Union had started from November 27 and voting was to be held on Wednesday, December 8. But in view of the increasing cases of Covid 19, the district administration refused to allow elections in this union of 800 members.

Despite this the union leadership was continuing the process despite the ban. But after administrative pressure, on Monday, the union leadership had verbally informed the Deputy Labor Commissioner about temporarily stopping the election. On Tuesday evening, the election officer Harendra Pratap Singh has issued a notice and has temporarily put on hold the election.

A letter has also been sent to the Deputy Labor Commissioner on behalf of the union leadership regarding a stay on union elections. In which information has been given to temporarily stop the election. In the letter sent by Election Officer Harendra Pratap Singh, it has been said that till now the process of election has been done following all the guidelines of  Covid. The final list of candidates has been published.

The election is temporarily postponed due to lack of permission by the administration to complete the next process of election. The new date of the election will be informed in due course.

Deceased Bermo MLA Rajendra Singh’s son cum current Bermo MLA Anoop Singh alias Jaimangal Singh had earlier issued an order to hold elections in TC Employees Union. But after the clear instructions by the management to elect the company employee as the chairman, the union was divided into two factions and one faction announced the election.

Anoop Singh complained to the Deputy Commissioner about the ongoing election process not being in conformity with the constitution. Although the election process has been put on hold due to Covid 19, but the second camp has increased the difficulty of Anoop Singh by saying that on getting permission, the process will start from where it has stopped.

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