Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Jamshedpur School Headmaster frees bonded child laborer


Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Feb 1: The Headmaster of Tangrine Upgraded Tangrine Middle School in Potka, Arvind Tiwari, on Wednesday freed a child belonging to a primitive community, Dhangad who do jobs like digging, filling water, shepherd and cowherd and other menial jobs. Most of the Dhangads employed in brickfields, construction sites and other jobs happen to be bonded laborers whose families are paid money by the employers for an agreed tenure. Tangrine Upgraded Middle School Headmaster, Arvind Tiwari after hearing of a child laborer, Deshuba Sardar, got the child relieved from the clutches of bondage and sent him back to school. Deshuba’s father Soma Sardar lives with his family in Tangrine Vijaynagar Sabartola.  to the school. Deshuba Shabar’s father Soma Shabar, a resident of Tangrine Vijaynagar, Sabartola was paid an annual amount of Rs 3,500 for his minor son as a bonded laborer. Panchayat committee member Rameshwar Patro, village head Mangal Pan, social worker Ujjwal Kumar Mandal, school management committee chairman Mangal Majhi, teacher Niranjan Sardar knocked on every door and explained about the legal implications of engaging children and bonded labour.

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