Monday, January 30, 2023

Jamshedpur power crisis: MP meets GM electricity

Jamshedpur, May 1: Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Varan Mahato today held a meeting with the General Manager JUSNL  Jamshedpur Circle Paritosh Kumar regarding the electricity supply  in district.

The MP asked the officials  seriously address the issue of sudden cut in power supply in Jamshedpur and surrounding areas.

JUSNL GM Jamshedpur circle Paritosh Kumar informed the delegation that 336 MW power supply is required for Jamshedpur circle. In return, the power supply was reduced to 240 MW in the past. Due to this the power supply has been interrupted. He also informed that now this situation is becoming normal due to power supply from various agencies of the center like DVC, Energy Exchange and NTPC.

 He also informed that they are dealing with the situation by cutting power supply to the industrial area.

He also urged that if consumers exercise restraint in the use of electricity during peak hours, then the situation can also be controlled.

In the meeting, the Executive Engineer of Mango Division informed that the work of cutting substation has been completed. On this Pradeep Mahato of Patamda area told that the pillar and wire has not been removed from Kamalpur to Sarangidih yet. Simultaneously, he said that a lot of irregularities are also being done in the work of concrete in Kasmar feeder.

Regarding LT line of Jugsalai Nagar Parishad area, MP representative Narendra Pandey informed that condition of LT line is very dilapidated and needs to be replaced immediately through shield cable.

In the course of the meeting, the General Manager informed that direct power is being supplied through DVC to the areas like Baharagora, Dhalbhum, Chakulia and Ghatshila etc. Due to this, better power supply will be smooth there soon. In Asanbani area, the work of electricity connection between Asanbani-Bandharih is going on at a very slow pace. There the underground cable work is still pending.

General Manager said that soon the supply of underground cable would be ensured. Apart from this, it was proposed to build a new sub-station at Kalapathar between Chakulia and Manusmudiya, a new sub-station at Asti between Dumaria-Gudabandha, on which the General Manager said that he would work on both these proposals. In today’s important meeting, executive engineer of Mango, Karandih and many other officials were present.

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