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Jamshedpur girl Shreya Songiri crowned Jharkhand topper in JAC Class 10, scores 98% marks


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Chakulia, May 23: The Jharkhand Academic Council announced the results of the matriculation examination on Tuesday, revealing an outstanding achievement by Shreya Songiri, a resident of Bajpai Nagar in Chakulia (East Singhbhum district). Shreya, who appeared for the exam from Purnapani Adivasi High School in Nagar Panchayat, has brought immense pride to her family and school by securing the state topper position. With a remarkable score of 98 percent, Shreya Songiri has emerged as the top performer in the 10th grade.

Shreya studied at Anand Marg School and completed her matriculation from Purnapani Adivasi High School. She achieved exceptional scores of 98 in Hindi, 98 in Sanskrit, 98 in Mathematics, 98 in Science, and 98 in Social Science. Her remarkable academic accomplishments are a testament to her dedication and hard work. Shreya attributes her success to the unwavering support of her parents and the guidance of her school teachers.

Dreaming of becoming an ideal teacher, Shreya aims to continue her studies and pursue a career in the field of education. Her father, Sunil Varan Songiri, works as a tuition teacher, while her mother, Supriya Songiri, is a homemaker. Shreya, being the elder of two sisters, sets an inspiring example for her siblings. The achievement of Shreya Songiri has not only brought joy to her parents but also filled her school teachers with pride. Shreya’s determination and passion for education have set her on a path to success, and she aspires to become an exemplary teacher through her continuous learning and writing endeavors.

DC to honor state and district toppers

Vijaya Jadhav, Deputy Commissioner, congratulated Shreya, a student of Adivasi High School in Purnapani, Chakulia block on being crowned the Jharkhand topper in JAC Class 10 exam, the result of which was announced on Tuesday. DC also expressed her delight at the district’s proud achievement.

She conveyed her best wishes for Shreya’s promising future and commended her for bringing honor to the entire district.  Deputy Commissioner also extended her heartfelt congratulations to the parents and teachers of Shreya for their support and guidance throughout her academic journey. In celebration of this momentous occasion, a representative of the Deputy Commissioner, BRP from Chakulia, visited Shreya’s residence. They presented her with sweets and shared in the joyous moment with her family members. The visit served as a gesture of recognition and appreciation for Shreya’s remarkable achievement.

To further acknowledge the outstanding performance of Shreya and the top-ranking students from the district, the Deputy Commissioner has planned a special honor ceremony. In recognition of their exceptional performance, the Deputy Commissioner has planned a district-level event to honor the top-performing students. The event will serve as a platform to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

On May 24, the Deputy Commissioner will felicitate Shreya, along with the three district toppers, for their exceptional academic accomplishments. Among the students to be felicitated are: Shreya Songiri (Adivasi High School, Purnapani, Chakulia) secured 490 marks,

Kunal Pal (Adivasi High School, Purnapani, Chakulia) scored 486 marks.

Sonal Kumari (Pragati Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, Jamshedpur) scored 485 marks.

These students’ outstanding academic accomplishments not only reflect their individual excellence but also highlight the positive impact of the Deputy Commissioner’s initiative on the overall educational landscape of the district.

DC’s initiative propels East Singhbhum district to 5th place in Jharkhand

Under the visionary leadership of the Deputy Commissioner, the district administration has been actively working towards enhancing the quality of education in government schools for the past 9-10 months. The primary objective was to ensure that students studying in these schools do not face unnecessary stress during examinations. To achieve this, various measures were implemented, including monthly examinations for 9th and 10th-grade students and conducting online classes for a continuous period of 4 months.

The Deputy Commissioner’s initiative focused on creating a conducive learning environment and providing ample preparation opportunities for the students. Efforts were made to address the shortage of teachers by organizing online classes facilitated by the best educators in the district. Additionally, the Deputy Commissioner personally reviewed the monthly evaluation tests at the district level and conducted online meetings with school headmasters to provide necessary guidance for examination preparation. Model test answer copies were provided to the students, and model test papers were uploaded on YouTube for further practice. The positive outcome of these endeavors became evident as the results were declared. This year, an impressive 97.31 percent of students passed the 10th board examination, a significant improvement from the 94 percent pass percentage of the previous year. The diligent efforts and dedication of the students, along with the support and guidance from the district administration, contributed to this remarkable achievement

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