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Jairam Youth Sporting Durga Puja pandal focuses on theme of global unity

Jamshedpur, September 30: Jairam Youth Sporting club’s Durga puja pandal in Adityapur is known for making one of the most attractive puja pandals in Jamshedpur region.

The crowd in large numbers throng to this famous pandals from the day of Mahalaya, the first day of the Debi Paksha, Mahalaya marks the beginning of Durga Puja, when the puja pandal is still in the construction phase.

The people are finding the Jairam Youth Sporting’s Durga puja pandal very appealing which means that this year also its will take the lead ahead of all other big pandals in the region.

This year the Jairam Youth Sporting’s Durga puja pandal in Adityapur offers view of global integration while work has also been done on the theme of Women empowerment.

The puja pandal will be inaugurated on October 4 were chief of Jairam Youth Sporting and former MLA Arvind Singh along with West bengal minister Shantiram Mahato and Jhalda MLA Nepal Mahato will be present.

The puja pandal has several features including a big Globe on top of the pandal which has flags of several countries all around which shows that there are several countries on this Earth.

All round the globe there will be lighting. A park is also being created which would attract the devotees a lot. Apart from this, Mother Teresa who was recently canonized as a Saint by Pope Francis, her service spirit will also be portrayed inside the puja pandal.

Finest craftsmanship model will be depicted inside the puja pandal which would attract the visitors. Along with women empowerment, global and national integration, sense of people who abide by all the religions will also be portrayed.

Within the puja pandal people would be able to worship mandir, masjid, church and gurudwara while a view of tributes being paid to the martyrs will also be seen. Most of the work inside and outside has been completed while the remaining is being done at fast pace.

Full proof security will be maintained inside the pandal and nearby areas for which CCTV cameras have been installed along with barricading at important points. Jairam Youth Sporting Club members will be present at every spot to avoid any untoward incident.

This puja pandal is not only famous in Jamshedpur and Jharkhand but also nearby states. This is the reason this pandal attracts huge crowd. Apart from Jharkhand people from Bihar, West bengal and Odisha visit this puja pandal.

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