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ICSE results expected on May 15, students keep fingers crossed

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Jamshedpur, May 5: The results of the ISC-ICSE 2017 are likely to be declared on May 15. The exams were held in February and March.

The results of ISC-ICSE is expected to be published in all probability on May 15.

Apart from the schools, the students can know their results through the Internet or SMS. To know the result online, one has to log on to and click on the ISC/ICSE results link.

ICSE examinees will have to enter their unique ID number and date of birth, while ISC candidates will have to enter their ID number and the date of birth or, in case of those who have passed their Class X exams from other boards, “eligibility number”.

Thousands of students of the city too are keeping their fingers crossed and have prayers on their lips, are eagerly waiting for ICSE and ISC results that would decide the future career options or stream to be taken up. “We are still not in a position to say anything about the exact date.

But we are hopeful that the results would be declared in the third week of May. We have received a communiqué from the Board that the papers are being examined,” said a principal. Meanwhile students are excited to know the results of their hard labour.

The wait for the results has turned into anxiety for many while for others it is excited anticipation. Take the case of 18 years old, Anurag Agrawal, who has lost his appetite and is facing sleeping disorder since last week.

His parents say that it is not due to results but he is bit concerned about the changing policies at undergraduate level, the percentage of marks he will obtain is a matter of concern because that would decide his fate.

While Puja Sinha, a student of Gulmohar High School and a board examinee said that like her friends she is curious to know about her performance. Though she has enjoyed her post exams days but as the results days are inching closer, her heartbeats have increased. “There are options galore that can be explored based on one’s talent.

The students usually do not seek guidance before making a sound career choice. They set their target for one or two so called branded colleges and if they don’t get through, they get depressed. Moreover students also try ape their friends or relatives most of the times.

They must their capabilities if they want to succeed in life,” said Sarla Mahesh, a city-based counsellor. Meanwhile on the other hand, are also under pressure making rounds to the temples praying hard for the success of their children. Their expectations are high and are keeping fingers crossed.

“It’s important for the students and their parents to be patient. Students should also not get loose their cool and parents should act like a motivational tool rather raising their expectations,” said Dr. U K Srivatava, a city based medical expert.

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