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Haj pilgrims honored at Shaikeen-e-Adab function

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Jamshedpur, Oct 13: Literary organization, Shaikeen-e-Adab today organized a poetry session, Shaam-Shohda-e- Karbala at Azadnagar in Mango.

The program was initiated by the recitation of poems depicting the history of Karbala by Imam Hussain.The sadarat was done by Rizwan Wasti. Rizwan Aurangabadi conducted the program. The program started with the recitation of passages from the Quran by Maulana Hamid Raza.

Maulana Bashir Faizi presented the Nath.

Haji Noor Zaman Khan, Haji Numan Akhtar, Haji Asad Zaman Arshad and Haji Ruhul Jamil who had just returned from the Haj pilgrimage were feted with bouquets and shawls.

In his observations, Haji Nurzaman stated that those who had been able to embark on the Haj pilgrimage should endeavor to keep and honor the tenets of the pilgrimage.

The program concluded with prayers offered by Haji Nur Jama. Shakir Azim Abadi offered the vote of thanks.
Those present on the occasion included Dr Afroz Shakeel, Md Abbas, Niyaz Gayavi, Md Irfan, Maste Ghalib Aslam, Manzoor Alam Sabri, Zaid Aquil, Atif Salim, Md Moinuddin, Shafiuzzaman Khan, Rinku and Salim Gausi.

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