Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Ground water recharge system inaugurated at SNTI

Jamshedpur: Mr S D Tripathi, VP (HRM), Tata Steel along with Mr Ashish Mathur, MD, Jusco inaugurated the Rain Water Harvesting System at SNTI yesterday.

The senior management officials from SNTI, Tata Steel and Jusco were present at the function. The system is implemented by Water Division of Jusco under the leadership of Mr Sanjeev Kumar Jha and Mr Subashish Halder.

With the implementation of this system all the roof top water at the SNTI Library main building would now be harvest and can be utilized to take care of the water requirements at SNTI.

Ground water recharging is a simple, economical and eco-friendly technique of collecting and recharging aquifer with every drop of rain water by catching the rain water that falls on the surface on the earth, through site specific recharge structures.

Ground Water Recharging with collected and treated rainwater is progressively becoming the scientific and cost effective technology to get a long-term solution to overcome the emerging problem of water shortage. Jusco, as an initiative to spread the awareness of the same among the people of Jamshedpur, has taken up some pilot project to implement it.

It is scientifically proved that the ground water flow and surface water flow are parallel. The velocity of surface water is measured in terms of cm per hour whereas the velocity of ground water is measured in terms of cm per day. From this, it is very clear that by injecting rainwater at appropriate recharge zone, subject to hydraulic conductivity, the water may flow to the discharge area.

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