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Experts help KSMS students cope with trauma and stress

Panel discussion on Academic Safety

Jamshedpur, Jan 30: Whether it’s a major traumatic event or chronic daily hassles kids can have a hard time coping with some of the challenges they face.

Keeping this in mind Kerala Samajam Model School (KSMS) organized a panel discussion and interactive session on Academic Safety- ways to help children and parents to understand various causes of stress and how to handle it. The initiative was spearheaded by the Safe Club of the school.

The panel consisted of student representatives of Std. 6, 7, 8 & 9, parents of students, Ms. Sujata Ganguly & Mr. Vinod Poddar, Teacher-cum counselors, Mrs. Rajan Kaur (Vice-Principal, KSMS) & Ms. Vrinda Suresh and clinical psychologist from TMH, Dr. Manoj Kr. Sahoo.

The audience, parents and students of Std. 7 & 8, participated in the program and gave valuable insights. Ms. Chandra Sharan (Founder & Convener, SAFE, Basera & Executive, Tata Steel) graced the program as Special Invitee accompanied by Nandini Shukla, Principal.

The students expressed the various kinds of stress they experience, such as pressure to be the top ranker, time management between tuitions and school work, constant bickering by parents creating a pressure cooker like situation.

The Counsellors gave valuable tips for student on the need to identify their strength, accept, communicate and convince parents and ways to develop realistic schedule.

The Counsellors and the parents interacted on several points including role modeling, having realistic expectations based on child�s capabilities, avoid �convenient� comparison, communicating openly & regularly with the child and awareness of career venues and options (other than the �best�).

Dr. Manoj Sahoo said there is no blueprint for parenting, each parent has his/ her own parenting style and each child is unique hence the way of handling will also be different. Mrs. Chandra Sharan also spoke on the occasion and emphasized on the importance of good inter-personal relationship between the mother and the father.

The programme concluded on a very positive note with parents thanking the Principal to understand the child�s perspective and ways to tackle them. Children listened with rapt attention.

Other topics will be taken up like cyber-safety, exam pressure and adolescent issues.

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