Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Environment safety is a must: Falwinder Singh

Noamundi: Falwinder Singh senior CSR Manager, Ghatkur, Rungta Mines Limited, has observed that in the globalization era development needs to keep equilibrium with productivity with careful consideration and positive thought to various factors.

So the concerned should ensure safety of life by maintaining a securer environment through public awareness. Therefore, our focus should be on forest conservation, wild life protection, plantation work, environment balanced development, effect on human society, animal and plants after operation of machinery equipments, cleaning programme of polluted river and safety from disturbance.

“Today, we have set up our mind when we hear a word Environment frequently comes to our mind that is about air, water, plants but there are so many kind of environment like political environment, local environment, international environment, industrial environment, educational environment, atmospheric environment, life giving environment etc. Except life giving environment all are secondary because it preserves all environments.

Unfortunately due to mechanization and development its percentage is reduced and disturbed. As a result it has disturbed the balance of nature by creating air pollution, lowering the level of underground water, depletion of Ozone layer, reducing the number and species of birds, insect and trees.

There is no doubt that life giving environment is important for all of us. It helps in maintaining the ecological balance. It is wonderful link between generations, he said.

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