Thursday, November 30, 2023

District police to launch drive to remove tinted glasses in four wheelers

Jamshedpur : District police will launch a drive to remove tinted glass in the windscreen and windows of vehicles plying in the steel city.

Senior superintendent of police, Amol V Homkar said a team of police officers will start a drive from Tuesday for intercepting cars and SUVs having tinted glass, and also the vehicles without registration number plate as well as the using Press and Police stickers.

Clarifying the permissible limit of the tinted glass, the senior SP referred to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules -1989, in it has been mentioned that glasses of windscreen and rear windows of vehicles should have a visual light transmission of 70 per cent, and for the side windows it should be at least 50 per cent.

He said that many people in the city use tinted glasses in their vehicles and SUVs without dark glasses are rare here. In many cases, owner of a vehicle uses flag of a certain political party to avoid the cops. The decor shops, on the other hand, made most of the opportunity to earn some quick bucks.

A fine of Rs 270 was levied on two wheelers violating traffic norms like riding without helmets.

�We are issuing challan against each vehicle owner for violating the norms. If they fail to comply with rules, we will increase the fine amount,� he noted. Instructions were also given to the police personnel to remove the tinted film,� he explained.

Thousands of private cars are still plying on the roads with tinted glasses. And, officials say people are reluctant to cooperate in most cases. A police official said they had been doing their job diligently but the number of vehicles with tinted glasses was huge in the city. He said that a drive will be launch to act against those flouting norms.

Harsh, a dealer of car accessories: �When the Traffic Police intensified its drive against the violation a few days ago, some customers had approached us to get the tinted films removed from their vehicles. However, their number gradually decreased and we have not received any such customer in the past few days.�

Another dealer said vehicle owners were still approaching them to get films on their vehicles. �People are still approaching us to get films on the windowpanes of their vehicles. Most claim tinted glasses enhance the effect of air-conditioners in their vehicles,� he added.

Rahul, a vehicle owner, said although he was not aware of the High Court directive or the police action, he would get the film removed from his vehicle.

�The authorities have a genuine reason to prosecute vehicle owners, but I had been using the film on my vehicle to enhance the cooling of the air-conditioner,� he said.

A social worker, said people should also co-operate with the authorities in the initiative. �There have been instances where tinted glasses have been misused by individuals.

Youths make wrong use of such vehicles and indulge in criminal acts. The authorities concerned cannot get the desired results without the cooperation of the people,� he added.

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