Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Defunct high-mast lights raise security concerns in Chaibasa

Chaibasa, Feb.1: Chaibasa town is commissionaire head quarter of Kolhan and but the street light condition is extremely poor in the municipal area.

After reconnoitre, it was found that all of the three high-mast lights are blind in the town. The high-mast lights at bus stand-district Jail Chowk, Post-office Chowk, Badibazar and railway station don’t function.

One of the high-mast light partially glows near railway station. Preferring anonymity, the shopkeepers of the Jail chowk´┐ŻBus stand said that the area becomes very unsafe after sunset.

The Jail chowk is highly sensitive and defunct of the high mast light causes fear to the passengers as the entire area of Bus stand, Jail Chowk and post office chowk plunges in to darkness after the sunset.

In this connection when approached Chaibasa Municipal executive officer Kumar Narendra Narayan said that the blindness of high-mast light is in our knowledge and with lack of technician we are unable get the high-mast light repaired.

We have already approached the expert team of technician but due to lack of time, they have not been able to come to Chaibasa for repair .

He also added that Municipality has also decided to install some more high -mast light in the area of Merry Tola, Gadikhana and other strategic places.

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