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Deepika Kumari targets child abuse, interacts with students

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Jamshedpur: Ace archer Deepika Kumari today joined hands with Jharkhand Police and UNICEF in the fight against violence and child abuse in Jharkhand.

The 3-month long campaign aims to create awareness about violence against children and ways to protect them.

Speaking to over 1000 adolescent girls during a programme at Sacred Heart Covent School, Jamshedpur, Deepika Kumari said, �Violence and sexual abuse against children are everywhere and it occurs every day. However we ignore it and turn a blind eye to it. We must raise our voice against children. Child abuse adversely impacts the physical and mental development in children and the damage caused is often irreversible.�

She called on the children to report violence and abuse against them or their friends to an elder; someone they can talk to and trust. It is the duty of elders including parents and teachers to support the children.

She shared the helpline number 8877444444 on which reports of violence, child abuse, child labour, child marriage, child trafficking and missing children can be reported.

As per Crime in India report 2013 of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Jamshedpur and Ranchi are the safest cities for children among 53 mega cities in India. No crime against children was reported in the two cities during 2013 as per the report.

Job Zachariah, Chief of UNICEF in Jharkhand said, �Violence and abuse against children is unacceptable whatever be the reason. It is everywhere.

As per the study of the Ministry of Women & Child development (2007), 7 out of 10 children (69%) are physically abused and half (53%) sexually abused in India. However only few cases are reported.

He urged teachers and parents not to hit children in the name of discipline. �Children need to be guided and directed.

There are positive disciplining methods to discipline children. No one has the right to hit children. As per section 17 of the Right to Education Act, corporal punishment is banned in schools.

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