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Dayanand Public School Jamshedpur: Parents of 20 ‘failed’ students complain to DEO


Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, March 30: The parents of 20 children of Dayanand Public School, Sakchi, have approached the district education department as their wards have been reportedly detained in the same class after failing in their final exams. These children are from ninth and 11th grade, sources said.

The guardians of the failed children reached the school and requested them to promote their wards to the next class, but to no avail. They reached the Deputy Commissioner's office to complain about the management. From there they were sent to the District Education Office. The guardians have made a written complaint about the matter in the District Education Office.
Kamaljit Kaur, mother of a Class 11 student said her daughter has been studying in the school since childhood. “A month ago there was an examination in the school, in which his daughter was failed. After this, a re-test was taken again by the school management, in which again his daughter was failed. Now the principal of the school says that the management cannot promote the failed children. They will have to study again in the same class,” she said. 
Kaur said the responsibility of the future of the children is shared equally by the school and guardians, but the school management does not take it seriously. Now her daughter is being asked to repeat in the same class. Rajni Tiwari, another parent who reached the Deputy Commissioner's office, said she is taking care of her child’s education with great difficulty. Detention of children in the same class by the school management is wrong, she says, adding that the management must promote the kids to the next class.
Swarna Mishra, Principal of Dayanand Public School, said a total of 40 children of class 9th and 11th had failed in the examination. All had secured less than 35 per cent marks. Giving everyone a second chance, a re-test was taken, in which about 20 children passed.

These 20 children were promoted to the next class as per the rules of the council but the failed children were not promoted. Due to this, the relatives had reached the school and were demanding promotion of the children. She said the failed children could be promoted only after passing the re-test


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