Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Clap 15 seconds a day to keep the doctor away

Jamshedpur, Dec. 21: CII – Yi Jharkhand organized a session on ‘Wellness and Stress Management’ at Centre for Excellence on Wednesday.

The session was addressed by Arun Rishi, an eminent industrialist who retired from his business in 1997 and established a unique trust in the name of Ayushman Bhav (Live Long).

This trust is working India wide for 27 large organisation. He conducted more than 1600 workshops worldwide at very very prestigious places like most of the IIMs, Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy Mussoorie and IITs on Life Style Management and Health Management through clapping.

Mr Rishi addressed the Yi Members sharing his valuable knowledge and experience on Health, Wellness & Fitness. He said, he is the only industrialist in this world who has not used Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Tea Coffee, Shaving Cream, Soap, Shampoo, Cosmetics, Artificial Cold Drinks, Pan Gutkha, Cigarettes and Liquor and because of not using all these, he never needed to take any medicines also. For this his name is proposed for the Guinness Book of World record. ”Clap for 15 seconds a day to keep the doctor away’, Rishi added.

In Natural way of Living, he said that in today’s time whenever we buy any equipment we first ask what is it assured life and then we ask for the manual so that we can maintain it properly and an use it for more then it’s assured life. But there is no such manual prepared for Human Beings, but one should be glad that after 21 years of research and deep thinking ‘Aayushman Bhav trust and research centre could prepare a manual.

If we follow the manual our body will accompany us till the end of our life. We will be able to hear, see and listen to our heartbeat for 100 years. All the organs of the body will give us service till the end of life with full efficiency.

Mr Arun Rishi suggested an effective method of enjoying and living healthy lifestyle without the use of using any chemical product in the daily routine.

He also mentioned that boycotting the use of MNC product can easily strengthen the economy of the country.

He talked about how ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine and acupressure treatment can be the best way to maintain the fitness and health throughout the life.

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