Monday, January 30, 2023

Cases of diabetes on rise in Jamshedpur fear doctors

Jamshedpur: Diabetes is on a rise in Jamshedpur with approximately 50 to 60 new cases of diabetes
diagnosed every day. There are three main reasons that, coupled with heredity, precipitate the onset of diabetes – increasing consumption of fast food and junk food, lack of awareness about the disease and increasing phenomena of living in a stressful environment.

The doctors noted that for prevention, especially for those with a family history of the disease, people need to be aware of its effects. Proper diet, regular exercise, de-stressing activities like meditation and yoga and regular check-up is necessary.

On the eve of World Diabetes Day, president of newly formed Diabetes Update of Tata Main Hospital (TMH) and head of medicine department of the hospital, B. S Rao attributed the reasons as work related stress, lifestyle disorders, bad dietary habits, obsession with internet, mobiles and ignorance about going for regular screening for diabetes.

Secretary of the Diabetes Update, Satish Prasad said that 2 percent cases of juvenile diabetic have been reported in medical OPDs in city heal hubs while on an average 5 patients with Mody and type 2 diabetes in the age group below 20 are reported in city hospitals a disturbing trend noticed in the last two-three year.

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