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Anandmargis to observe Neelkanth day

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Jamshedpur: The founder of Ananda Marga, Anandamurti was given poison in the name of medicine on 12 February 1973 in Patna Bankipur Central Jail, Bihar. The dictatorial system of the Indra Gandhi government arrested Anandamurti, the founder of Anand Marg and sent him to Bankipur Jail on the false charge of killing his own followers.

It was natural to fall ill for a long time in a closed unhealthy environment in a cell. Baba went ill inside the jail at that time, Dr. H.K. K. Ghosh was the doctor present inside the prison. The government deliberately replaced Dr. Ghosh and brought in another physician, Dr. Rahmatullah Khan.   Anandamurti “Baba” was very ill at that time.

He fell ill on February 12, at 11 o’clock at night, Dr. Rahmatullah Khan gave Baba a capsule of poison in the name of medicine.

Then what was it that Baba fainted, his body started shrinking, his eyes light up, the body became weak, the brain started feeling unbearable pain and inactivity. Baba somehow survived. Baba demanded an inquiry into the use of poison in the name of medicine from the President, the Prime Minister and the Governor of Bihar, but the government turned down the appeal for a judicial inquiry into the use of poison by ignoring the letters. Then Baba, after informing the government, gave up food and solid food in April 1973 and started a fast.

Neither did the government investigate poison use nor did Baba break his fast. Fasting continued for 5 years 4 months 2 days. Baba was released from prison on 2 August 1978, acquitted of murder case by Patna High Court.  

Since then, the followers of Ananda Marga have pledged to continue the struggle against the power of sin and serve the needy all over the world on 12 February every year.

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