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Alumni meet at Srinath University

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Jamshedpur, Sept 25: An alumni meet was organized in the campus of Srinath University on Saturday, September 25 in which more than 200 alumnus’s from 2016 to 2021 batches participated to add glitter to the event. 

 The alumni were welcomed by Asst Prof and media In-charge, Rachna Rashmi the host of the event was Asst Prof Eva Shipra Mundu. HoD Dr Monika Uppal introduced the word ‘Alumni’ and thanked all the alumni for responding to the invitation and making it a point to be present for the alumni meet in spite of their busy schedule.

The Chancellor of Srinath University,  Sukhdev Mahto said, “Today there are students sitting among us who have accompanied us in our journey from the initial stages in 2016 and through dint of dedicated and disciplined work that this journey from College to University materialized.”

Faculty members and the alumni together spent rollicking times in the midst of recollections of times through five years. Asst Professors Bhavya Bhushan and Eva Shipra Mundu presented fun events to make the event what such occasions should be – recollections amidst gaiety. The objective of the meet was to provide the alumni a platform for building their network as also to obtain their feedback for the curriculum. Asst Professor Debopriya Sarkar proposed the vote of thanks.

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