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Yoga practice camp in Bundu

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Seraikela, May 25: A yoga practice camp was conducted on Thursday at the Health and Wellness Center in Bundu, Seraikela. The event saw the participation of Community Health Officer (CHO), health workers from the center, sahiyas from the panchayat, sahiya sathi, and adolescent girls, who were guided through various yoga exercises by instructor Anand Mahato. The session included practices such as Bhastrika, Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati, and Ahar-Vihar.

During the camp, Anand Mahato enlightened the participants about the numerous benefits of practicing yoga. He emphasized that yoga exercises stimulate the bones, lungs, liver, brain, and kidneys, leading to improved blood circulation throughout the body. Regular yoga practice allows for the intake of pure air into the lungs, enhancing vitality. Furthermore, it aids in relieving constipation and enhancing memory power. Anand Mahato also highlighted that regular yoga practice strengthens the body’s immune system. Urging everyone to incorporate yoga into their daily routines, Anand Mahato emphasized the importance of motivating others to embrace this ancient practice. The event witnessed the presence of CHO Sangeeta Kumari, ANM Mukta Dungdung, as well as Sahiyas Priyanka Purti, Yamuna Sardar, Anita Purti, Shanti Mahato, Taramani Sardar, and others.

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