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XLRI Jamshedpur alumnus relives his MBA memories with launch of comical book “Hilarious MBA Memoirs”

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Jamshedpur, May 11: XLRI Jamshedpur Class of 2011 alumnus Hari Hara Subramanian has launched his book “Hilarious MBA Memoirs”, which is a comical take on his MBA journey at one of the best B schools in India – XLRI Jamshedpur. 

 Inspired by real-life incidents, “Hilarious MBA Memoirs” is a hilarious autobiographical satire on the life of an MBA grad from one of India’s best B schools through childhood, college, and corporate days. This rib-tickling stressbuster chronicles funny anecdotes throughout the protagonist’s life right from the rote learning methodology in childhood to the struggle in his MBA days (making a CV, fish-market group discussions, social media mishaps, summer internship fiasco, date nights gone wrong, etc.), followed by his journey as an eligible corporate bachelor struggling to find a wife through the arranged marriage route, and culminates with a heart-warming climax.

Speaking about the book, Hari says “I have always believed that humour is a great stress buster and if you are able to bring a smile to others’ faces, you have impacted them positively. One of the ideas which occurred to me was why not laugh at myself through a book chronicling my journey. This is how the idea of the book was born.

I have immense gratitude towards my alma mater XLRI Jamshedpur, as the 2 years spent at XLRI played a huge role in shaping my personality, building various skillsets, and setting me up for success in my corporate career. I was fortunate to have been taught by some of the best Professors in the country. While I have only described the funny side of MBA life in my book, the MBA at XLRI also helped us learn a lot of things – working in groups, collaborating, delivering results in tight deadlines, prioritization, presentation, analytics, multi-tasking, nuts and bolts of running a business, etc. I would strongly recommend the MBA course for anyone interested in pursuing a career in management.”

 On the occasion of the book launch, Prof. Madhukar Shukla, XLRI Jamshedpur says “It is really heartening to see our students pursuing their passion and bringing their dreams alive. I wish Hari all the best for the book and his future writing endeavors.”

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