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Women devotees immerse Gangaur idols with joy

Jamshedpur, March 30: The 16-day Gangaur Utsav celebrated with much fervour and devotion for concluded with gangaur and jwara immersion on Thursday evening.

The immersion programme was organised by East Singhbhum Zila Marwari Sammelan where thousands of women devotees from Marwari community from across the city assembled near the Jubilee park laser Show venue to immerse the gangaur and jwara in the pond. Young girls and women with colourful cloths, dance, song and rituals immersed the gangaur and jwara in the pond. Women smeared colours on one another to celebrate the occasion. At the event East Singhbhum Zila Marwari Sammelan and Sri Jeen Mata Pariwar had put up stalls and distributed cold water, ice-cream and sherbet.

Earlier, East Singhbhum Zila Marwari Sammelan’s Sakchi unit at Sakchi Thakurbari temple and Rajasthan Yuvak Mandal organised Samuhik Gangaur pujan at Mandal Bhawan in Jugsalai. The religious event started early in the morning where women devotees sang bhajans and prayed for the peace and prosperity of their families.

In both the locations, married women evoke the blessings of Gauri and pray for the long life of their husbands, unmarried girls pray for a good husband. They also worshipped Lord Parvati, Gangaur Mata and Lord Shiva.
The ladies decorated their hands and feet by drawing designs with ‘mehandi’.

Gangaur starts the day after Holi and goes on for 16 days. Women apply mehendi and are offered sweets, clothes and jewellery by family members. Married women get gifts from her mother and mother-in-law.

The last day of Gangaur is celebrated in a grand way. The idols are immersed in river, pond or well and this concludes the 16 days of Gangaur festival. Women feast each other and in the early evening, go out with the Gangaur.

The word ‘Gangaur’ comes from ‘Gana’ which is a synonym of Lord Shiva and ‘Gaur’ which stands for Gauri who symbolises Saubhagya (marital bliss).

Being the only all-women-festival of ‘Gangaur’ in the steel city, the celebration was observed in colourful episodes, gaiety participants and several folk songs and dances, welcoming goddess ‘Gauri’ to her motherly home for her 16 days stay.

To make the event successful, Umesh Shah, President of East Singhbhum Zila Marwari Sammelan, senior vice president Najrang Lal Agarwal, Nirmal Kabra, Arun Bankewal, Chedilal Gothwal, Satyanarayn Agarwal, Vijas Khenka, Pavan, Tulsi Khemka, Santosh Agarwal, Omprakash Ringasia, Sawarmal Agarwal, Suniol Debuka, Manish Khanna, Pavan Ringasia, Sitaram Debuka, Ashok Modi along with Women unit president Sushila Khirwal, Mamta Murarka, Rani Agarwal, Mamta Agarwal and others provided full support

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