Home Crime Woman kidnapped from Jamshedpur’s Circuit House area, found in Noamundi

Woman kidnapped from Jamshedpur’s Circuit House area, found in Noamundi


Jamshedpur, Oct 5: In a broad daylight incident, a woman was kidnapped by people traveling in a luxury car from an apartment in the Circuit House area of ​​Bistupur. 
The police came into action following the information from the woman’s daughter.
Based on the information of Jamshedpur police, the police of Noamundi  recovered the woman from the car.

The people in the car were also questioned. Bistupur police station in-charge Vishnu Prasad Raut spoke to the woman over the phone.

The woman denied the kidnapping. Following filling of an FIR in the Bistupur police station, the police will now get the woman’s statement recorded under 164 in the court. After that further action will be taken. The police remained worried about the whole incident. Earlier, many people including Vishwa Hindu Parishad Jamshedpur President Janardan Pandey had reached Bistupur police station demanding the recovery of the woman. The woman’s daughter alleges that her mother’s hands and feet were tied and forcibly taken away by the occupants of the car. 

 The kidnappers had come from Barbil area of ​​Odisha. The police have got information that the woman’s son, who used to work living in Barbil, absconded after taking a girl from a particular community in a love affair. It’s been a month since the incident. No trace could be found. The relatives of the girl lodged an FIR of kidnapping against the young man at the Barbil police station.

 While searching for the girl and the youth, the relatives of the girl reached the house of the youth living in Bistupur Circuit House area. The young man’s mother was taken along, after which the woman’s daughter informed the Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers and the police of Bistupur police station about the abduction of the mother. The woman’s husband told that he had gone to duty when the incident happened. 


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