We will continue our fight for 27 % reservation for OBC: Dr. Siyaram Sahu


    Jamshedpur, Feb. 25: We will continue our fight for the 27 percent reservation for the OBC which is legitimate right, said Dr. Siyaram Sahu, Jharkhand Tailik Sahu Sabha in charge and Chhattisgarh OBC Chairman.

    Upon his arrival in Jamshedpur on Saturday, Dr. Sahu was accorded a warm welcome by the members of the Sahu society.

    District president of the Mahasabha Rajkishore Prasad along with people from the society met Dr. Sahu where the latter said that OBC should get reservation under the district roaster in several districts of Jharkhand.

    Several people from the Tailik community in East Singhbhum are facing difficulty to get their caste certificate and they should have their certificates made based on local inquiry.

    Dr. Sahu informed that in Chhattisgarh the system is very easy to get a caste certificate through certification of the senior members of the community.

    Present on the occasion were Shashikant Maharaj, Kundanlal Gupta, Bachhu Sao, Raja Sahu, Dr. Rishikesh Kumar, Dharmendra Kumar, Rukmani Prasad Sao, Anita Devi, Seema Prasad and others.


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