Thursday, December 8, 2022

White revolution will take place in Jharkhand: Raghubar Das

Ranchi, July 6: Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Monday said that his government will benefit the small farmers (below 5 acres of land), the landless, Mnrega workers, rickshaw pullers, dairy farmers & vendors under Prime Minister National Security Insurance Schemes.

Inaugurating the conference of milk-men/milk producers at Khelgaon in Hotwar, CM said that animal husbandry is the life-line of Jharkhand.

Farmers should not solely depend on agriculture rather he should adopt animal husbandry, poultry, fisheries rearing, pig & goat rearing to become self-reliant economically strong. Congratulating & thanking Prime Minister Modi on behalf of 3.25 crore people of Jharkhand & from his own side for including Jharkhand in National Dairy Development Program, he expressed his firm belief that white revolution will take place in Jharkhand.

Saluting Dr. Shyama Pd. Mukherjee, he said that the State Govt. will pay the premium amount of Prime Minister National Security Insurance Schemes.

He said that he would endeavor to provide the peoples domestic animals to make them self-reliant. He announced two cows for the families living below poverty line. Milk Production has enough scope and the Govt. is providing cows to the dairy farmers in units of 5, 10 and 20 .

He said that there is much scope of development in that state where women are involved in dairy work at such a large scale. The state Govt. is endeavoring to connect the women with dairy industry. He told the youths to adopt dairy as their profession & increase their income.

He repeated the Govt.ís commitment of transparent governance. At the same time he mentioned that he wonít tolerate any mediator even in dairy field. He asked milk producers to call at CM toll free number if any mediator threatens them. The Govt. has plans to make 20 animal hostels. He hoped to make the state self-reliant in the field of milk-production by 2019.

Presiding over the conference, the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister Randhir Kr. Singh said that the Govt. seeks to produce 3 lakh liters of additional milk. He announced that the Govt. plans to plant a 20,000 liter-capacity plant at Kodarma, Palamu & Devghar whereas a 30,000 liter plant is awaited at Jamshedpur.

Calling for the initiation of White Revolution in Jharkhand in the forthcoming days, he said that the Govt. will develop dairy skills in the farmers & establish 450 computerized collection centers in the state excluding 89 bulk milk collection centers.

The Chairman of National Dairy Development Board T. Nandkumar told the milk farmers that the federation run by NDDB belongs to them. Sudha too was started 13 years ago but now it is producing 42-45 thousand liters of milk in 9 districts.

He hoped to start the Hotwar milk plant by the next December. Nearly 5000 milk committees will be in existence in the villages of Jharkhand in next 3-4 years. He laid stress on giving balanced diet to animals as it increases about 500 ml milk everyday.

He announced Megha Lakshmi prize of Rs. 5,000 & 10,000 to lady dairy farmers. At the same time ,the Govt is giving the dairy farmers steel ken so that they donít use plastic ken. As the federation has to be faithful to the consumers, they should maintain purity & transparency in transportation of milk.

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