Wheels 2017 final commences with great splendor


    Jamshedpur, Jan. 13: The last segment of Wheels i.e. the finals, to be held from 13-15 January, 2017 commenced with great splendor on Friday.

    The first day of the three day affair witnessed a huge crowd gathering since 8am in the morning. Various events were organized successfully in Telco Colony at Engineers Hall and Telco Club.

    In Bob the Builder, backyard based science event, 37 were selected for the finals and 3 winners were declared in the senior and junior category.

    In Rangmanch, dramatics- 7 teams were selected after the preliminaries and 3 teams were declared the winners. Make your paper bag-In this event 30 students participated. They were taught how to make bags from newspapers. Then they made the paper bags and decorated them. The best 3 paper bags on the basis of quality and creativity were declared winners.

    In XQUIZIT, general quiz competition, 12 teams-Class 6 to 9 – 6 teams and Class 10 to 12 – 6 teams. 3 teams from each group were declared winners.

    In War of Words, extempore competition, 11 students in senior category and 7 students in junior category were selected for the finals out of which 3 were declared the winners in each category.

    In Enigma, puzzle solving competition, 15 teams were selected for finals out of which 3 are selected as winners.
    In the dance Competition, So You Think You Dance, there were total 34 participants. In 3 categories and 3 winners from each category were declared winners.

    In Rangoli, 8 students were selected for the finals in each category and 3 were declared winners from each.
    In the superhero based quiz competition, The Riddler, 15 teams proceeded to the finals, each team consisting of 2 members. 3 teams were declared winners.

    In Junkyard Wars, 8 teams were selected after the preliminaries and 3 were declared winners.

    In Batman, Gully Cricket event, there were 8 teams in finals. There were 7 matches played for the quarterfinals and semifinals round and top 3 teams were selected as winners.

    In Space Jam basketball, 8 teams of boys were selected. Quarter finals, semifinals and final round were held through which winner and runner up were selected.

    There were 4 girls team out of which winner and runner up team were selected.


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