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Web based call center redressing public grievances related to drinking water and sanitation


2,549 out of 3,226 registered cases  resolved in two months

Ranchi, May 14: In remote rural areas of Jharkhand fair, transparent and speedy disposal of public grievances related to various types of drinking water and sanitation is being done with the operation of web based call-center by the drinking water and sanitation department of Jharkhand. 

The call center is playing an important role in resolving the public grievances related to drinking water and sanitation at the state level. Through this call center operated at PMU office Doranda, Ranchi, the residents of the state are getting their problems resolved by registering complaints through various mediums like Jhar-Jal Mobile App, Whatsapp E-mail Toll free no etc.

So far 2,549 cases of the 3,226 cases related to sanitation and drinking water registered in this call center since it started in March 2022 have been resolved. 2,474 cases of tubewells/handpump repair, 533 related to small rural pipe water supply scheme, 70 related to large rural pipe water supply scheme, four  related to pipeline leakage, 70 related to water supply,

21 related to water quality, 30 related to toilet and sanitation and 24 other cases were resolved. A maximum of 411 cases were resolved in Chaibasa, 294 in Chakradharpur and 205 in Simdega.

Call center toll free no. 1800345 6502, mobile no. /whats app no. 9470176901, e-mail ID callcentredwsd.jharkhand@gmail.com.  Complaints can be lodged on Jhar Jal Mobile App (will be available on Google Play Store). The complaints received through various channels are being entered/uploaded by the call center personnel at jharjal.jharkhand.gov.in. Along with this, better management and monitoring is being achieved through the web portal by transferring all types of complaints to the concerned officer. For all the complaints received in the call center, work is being done in the direction of resolving the problems every 15 days by the departmental senior officer and at the end of the month by the departmental secretary. Jhar-Jal Mobile App and Jhar Jal Web Portal is developed by Jharkhand Space Application Centre (JSAC) Ranchi. From time to time, errors related to Jhar Jal Mobile App and Jhar-Jal Web Portal will be resolved.


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