Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Virat India played T20 with Pakistan!!

By SK Nag

The recent India Pakistan T20 match was cruelly one-sided. It could not make us believe that this game was nothing better than the Virat Vs. Pakistan match instead of India vs. Pakistan. The team’s total energy was so low that it appeared to be a forced game on them as they were dog-tired. At times it was seemingly tricky for them to set a target of 150. But on the other side, Pakistan was full of energy and so synchronized that it gave a feeling of solid team spirit and national spirit. The team India current lot is not fit for T20 at all. The level of the opening was so shaky that the foundation of 1st division cricket feeling was amiss. Overall T20 format, which needs four things (energy level of fielding, bowling strength, batting confidence, and confidence), was visibly missing in the Indian team. They were struggling to run in the field, and with a pinch of salt, it was not a cricket team of international standard.
The deliveries were so low quality that, at times, it appeared to be a team of novice bowlers in a selection game. However, if this remains our standard, we should not play until our team is not competent and out of IPL fatigue.

Opening batsman Rahul was so nervous that supporting the team with a good founding score was missing that could have contributed little better to reach a richer target with a required run rate of 170+. But his failure has made it difficult for the entire team to come up fast. Virat could have selected different batting orders to take out the nervousness of his subsequent players. Pant supported the team somehow better, but lifting the ball too high could not help him for long. But his effort was still felt as he was there to boost the run tally to a little higher.

At this point, India needs to focus more on skill improvement and look for a good batting and bowling line. Because this match never demonstrated the strength of the allrounder that used to be once, our power is slowly disappearing. Perhaps the new cricket game format is overusing the players and ending up losing the sheen that once we cherished.    
However, I have complete trust that the controlling experts and mentors must act accordingly to set the team to international standards.

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