Villagers protest against Land Acquisition Act


    Gamharia : Villagers of Burudih Panchayat said the ordinance related to the amendment to the Land Acquisition Act 2013 was draconian and reflective of the British style of administration.

    Villagers said the ordinance passed by the government had kindled a spark among farmers, who have voiced their opposition to it. He said the method adopted by the Centre was against established democratic norms and hence anti-people.

    He said as farmers become aware of the amendments to the Act, they will come out in open as it was an attempt to benefit private players and the corporate lobby.

    With many checks and balances in the original Act being diluted, he said there was no provision for social impact assessment and environment impact assessment, and hence had to be opposed.

    On this occasion, Jaykan Tudu, Lal Mardi, Mardi Shankar Sitaram Hembram, Lakhi Ram Besra, Baduri Mardi, including Rabindra Besra rural villages were present.


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