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Use clay lamps to light up your lives on Dipawali: Raghubar Das

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Nov 9: “There may be a million reasons to celebrate Dipawali but there is only one way of doing it by lighting clay lamps and bathing our lives in the light of these lamps that provides a new glow of peace and happiness,” observed BJP national vice president as he urged people to light traditional clay lamps in hearths and homes.

Raghubar Das stated that apart from being the need of the times, lighting clay lamps was a mode of support to the Prime Minister’s slogan of ‘Vocal on Local.’ He cited the instance when PM Narendra Modi had stated that the lesson learned during the COVID pandemic was the use of indigenous products for which he had coined the term, ‘Local pe Vocal.’  The PM, Raghubar Das said, had cited the success of local makes during the pandemic period showed the qualitative and economic value of these products. “The Prime Minister had appealed to all citizens to go in for local products. To be honest, the pandemic has taught us the correct meaning of local manufacturing, local supply chain and local marketing.”

The BJP national vice president said that we should learn the lessons learned during the pandemic period and go in for local products. He averred, “If we forget our local clay artisans and do not buy their products then we will collectively miss out on our responsibilities. Our life mantra will disintegrate. Today brands that are global were at some point of time local. When local people started using them, started propagating them, they were branded with pride and these very local products became global.”

Das, in an emphatic tone said, “Our very ideology is ensconced in these clay lamps. When we pour oil in them with our own hands, place wicks and light them, the light they emanate add brightness to our culture and heritage. Since our life’s ideology is nurtured in these clay lamps we have been lighting them through centuries during Dipawali celebrations. When Lord Rama after defeating Ravan returned from the forest after 14 years of banishment to Ayodhya, the citizens celebrated the joy by lighting clay lamps that turned the land into a glittering heaven.”

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