Monday, January 30, 2023

Unbridled inflation, joblessness drown nation in sea of hopelessness: Bablu Jha

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Jamshedpur, May 26: The BJP government at the Center will enter its ninth year on May 28 after completing eight years in office. Congress district vice-president-cum-media in-charge Bablu Jha said, “The economic policy of the Modi government had led the rupee value to a bottomless pit and let loose a wild and unbridled state of inflation in the country. Add to that the abysmal scenario of illiteracy and unemployment and one has a picture of disillusionment.”

Bablu Jha going hammer and tong at the central government, observed that the fiery inflationary trend and joblessness during the eight years of the Narendra Modi led central government, had drowned the nation in a sea of hopelessness. He said, “India is one of the youngest independent countries but unemployment and corruption during the BJP led central regime has pushed India down to a bottomless pit.”

Bablu Jha stated that to add to the bleak scenario painted by the BJP central government, corruption was at an all time high. “The youth of the country have quality, ability, enthusiasm, passion, but not employment. Espionage and corruption have increased during the Modi government regime. Immediate examples are the sores caused by the Pegasus espionage scandal and the dubious Raphael deal,” stated. He accused the Modi government’s attempts to cover up the espionage scandal unsuccessfully as the Indian citizens already knew the truth. Bablu Jha attributed the inhuman conditions people had to suffer during the second COVID wave when due to mismanagement infected people lost their lives due to unavailability of oxygen. “The long queues at crematoriums and grave yards were painful testimony of inhumanity wrought by humans in the form of the BJP led central government,” the Congress leader lamented.

Bablu Jha averred, “The relentless pain caused to countrymen by the central regime in the forms of avoidable deaths, lawlessness, mounting joblessness and unabated inflation and the bleak scenario of privatization of PSUs can never be overlooked.”

In a press note released by the Congress leader on Thursday, he mentioned that the atrocities unleashed by the BJP government on farmers in its bid to push in the Black laws could never be forgotten by the nation. “The farmers of the country will remember the atrocities unleashed on them by the BJP central government. Eight years ago, the BJP sand the song of ‘good days are coming.’ But the nation failed to decipher who the good days were meant for.”

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