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Jamshedpur: Forest Department rescues tusker attack victim


Seraikela, Nov 23: A herd of wild elephants injured a 41-year-old villager named Som Hansda of Manoharpur village under Hudu Panchayat. The incident took place at 5:30 am on Tuesday. Hansda had gone to extract radish from his garden. On his way back, he encountered a herd of wild elephants amidst thick fog. After which the wild elephants picked him up and slammed. As soon as the information of the incident was received, the forest department team reached the spot under the leadership of Forester Trideep Mahto. The victim was brought to MGM of Jamshedpur for treatment. Along with this, treatment of Som is being done by the Forest Department at MGM Jamshedpur in the presence of Ranger Prakash Chandra of Seraikela forest area, who reached the spot.

Forester Trideep Mahto explained that a herd of 11 wild elephants is traveling in a group of wild elephants divided into two teams. The work of making the villagers aware of the protection from wild hands is being continuously done by the Forest Department in the rural areas adjacent to the forest. For which the Village Forest Defense Committee has also been formed.

People are in state of havoc due to such menace. Sometimes villagers migrate to safer places for a week or more to avoid the sudden night-time attacks of the wild elephant herds.

 “We are forced to spend sleepless nights. Our lives are at risk due to rampaging elephants. Elephants regularly venture into villages, destroy houses, damage standing crops and even trample people to death. We are forced to work like a ‘night guard’ to save our lives and crops” said a villager.


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