Tusa Sardar Public School celebrates annual function


    Chaibasa, Dec.4: Tusa Sardar Public School celebrated its annual function at Hari Gutu Adivasi Ho Samaj Hall in Chaibasa on Saturday. Chief guest for the function was BJP Jharkhand state spokesperson and TAC member Jyoti Bharmar Tubid inaugurated the annual function by lighting the traditional lamp.

    The deputy director of Tusa Public school group Raj Bajnti Tubid welcomed the guest and the guardians to the function. Addressing the gathering, Tubid said, the students should make an effort to have command over any one language and he should also write until he achieves perfection and self confident.

    No one can claim that I have got mastery over particular language. But it is an ongoing process one has to develop the craftsmanship through years of practice. He laid stress on HO Language and praised MLA Devendra Champia for his attempt to write grammar on HO Language. He also added, we must learn our own language to preserve our own culture. He also praised the chairman of Tusa Sardar group schools for his endeavor to reach out to villagers to provide English medium school.

    We witnessed that the children from village area speak fluent English this would definitely contribute to the quality of education in Adivasi society as the present educational track record of West Singhbhum is very poor in the Jharkhand merit list.

    The dance competition was also organized in which Chaibasa Tusha Sadar bagged the best prize and second prize went to Kokcho Tusha Sardar Public school while third prize went to Chtimiti Tusha Sardar Public school. The prizes were given away by the chief guest.

    A dance program and drama were also staged whose mesmerizing performances enthralled the spectators. Present at the event were MLA Devndra Champia, Chairman of Tusha Sardar Public School Jadunanda Tiwu, Pratap Kunkal, Krishna Chandra Gagrai and others.


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