Thursday, September 21, 2023

Tribal groups oppose UCC, mobilization in Delhi on Oct 6

Himalayan Paths

Delhi: Now the tribals are set to open a front against the Uniform Civil Code wherein different tribal organisations will gather in Delhi on October 6. This information was given jointly by Tribal Coordination Committee, Tribal Mahasabha, All India Tribal Development Council and Tribal People’s Council. During this, the tribals said in one voice that the Central government wants to end the existence of the tribal people through UCC.
Although there are different opinions about UCC across the country, but the question arises why the tribal society is so against it.

With the implementation of UCC, there will be a uniform law for all citizens. Tribal people fear that this will destroy their traditions. Different tribal communities have different traditions. For example, in tribal communities men can marry many women.

In some places, there is a custom of a woman marrying multiple men. Some tribal communities have a matriarchal system. Matrilineal means making the daughter the heir to the property. There are many traditions of tribal society which may end with the coming of UCC. This is the reason why tribal communities are opposing UCC.

It is worth mentioning here that the tribal society has many traditions, they believe that with the coming of UCC, their traditions may end. This is the reason why tribal communities are opposing UCC. At the same time, the opposition also seems to be attacking BJP from the very beginning regarding UCC and the biggest reason for this is the election strategy of the opposition. Out of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, the tribal community has influence on 62 seats. Apart from this, 47 seats are reserved for ST. In 2019, BJP won 31 seats out of 47 seats reserved for STs.

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