Traffic police increase duration of surprise checking drive as road mishaps rise


    Jamshedpur, Aug. 31: Concerned over rising cases of road mishaps involving teenagers, the East Singhbhum traffic police have directed all traffic police posts to increase duration of surprise checking drive against bikers involved in rash driving or driving without helmets in city.

    Traffic DSP Vivekananda Thakur said, We are concerned over rising cases of road mishaps involving youth. We have asked all the five traffic police stations in the city to conduct surprise checks at different locations throughout the day at least till evening. We have observed that school and college students mostly indulge in rash driving and also drive without helmets while going to and fro from their institutions and we hope to instill a sense of fear and help them adhere to traffic rules”.

    Incidentally, earlier the surprise checking drive used to be conducted for few hours (maximum two-three hours) till afternoon at various traffic police stations and there was hardly any checking on traffic violators in the evening or morning.

    The traffic DSP said that the drive being carried while coordinating with the police patrolling team deputed (22 PCR vans) deputed at various strategic points in city and also with local police stations patrolling team to catch such offenders. When a van notices any bikes indulging in stunt on road like criss-crossing they note down the number and immediately inform through wireless to the traffic officials at various checking points.

    According to officials in Motor Vehicle Inspection unit, the fine for riding without helmets as per MVI Act is Rs 300 and those found indulging in rash driving will be fined Rs 1000.

    Directive was issued to all the senior police officials in the district to instruct all police stations to prepare a list of ‘habitual offenders’ in their respective areas along with recommendations for action against them as per law.

    School students driving bikes without traffic norms and performing stunts would henceforth be levied maximum fines (ranging between Rs 3000 and Rs 4000) and simultaneously parents of these students would also be informed by district police.

    District traffic police were asked to undertake drives against use of mobile phones during driving and levy maximum fines from offenders (Rs 1000 for each offence).

    “The sudden rise in the road mishap is a matter of great concern and steps are being taken to curb the menace. We will also see to it that rash-driving is checked with immediate effect, and for this we will look into exactly how many cases related to the road accidents have been registered and if the drivers who are accused of causing the mishap are being convicted,” said an official.


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