Track repair work hits train service at Tatanagar-Chakradharpur section


    Jamshedpur : Passengers faced tough time on Wednesday as movement of passenger and goods trains on the Tatanagar-Chakradharpur section of South-Eastern Railway (SER) was affected following track repair work carried out between Adityapur and Gamharia railway stations. The repair that started began at 7 am and continued till late in the evening.

    Officials of Tatanagar informed that three passenger trains Tata-Gua Passenger, Hatia-Tata Passenger, and Jhargram-Purulia Passenger were cancelled today. The Asansol-Tata MEMU Passenger was short-terminated at Adra railway station.
    Railway officials at Tatanagar went on to add that more than half-a-dozen long-distance trains, including Howrah-Ahmedabad Express ( Dn) and Howrah-Mumbai Geetanjali Superfast Express ( Dn), Howrah-Kurla Express ( Dn), New-Delhi-Puri Neelanchal Express and New Delhi-Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani Express were delayed.

    We had informed passengers beforehand about the repair work to be carried so the passengers had planned their trip accordingly. As per our information the Howrah-bound Ispat Superfast Express was detained for more than one hour near the Chakradharpur railway station.

    The Howrah-Barbil Janshatabdi Express was also delayed by 30 minutes when it reached Barbil. The train reached on its scheduled time at 9.40 am at the Tatanagar railway station. It was later delayed on way to Barbil due to the non-interlocking work between Adityapur and Gamharia railway stations” they said.

    The Tatanagar station assumes importance in view because it is located on the Howrah-Mumbai main route. Several important trains travel via Tatanagar, including the high-profile Rajdhani Express and Duronto Express. The station sees a daily traffic of 90 mail, express and passenger trains, besides a footfall of more than 60,000 passengers.


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