Tiny tots showcase skills at annual academic presentation


    Jamshedpur, March 28: Sheyn International School organized Annual Academic Presentation of the Pre-primary Wing.

    It’s an initiative to map out and meet the growing academic and language needs of students. In this fun and frolic exercise the budding stars showcased their skills in front of the teachers and principal.

    Various activities like the use of He/ She, a/an, Wild animals, various rhymes, jungle corner, conversation at market place were taken up in a very interesting yet instructional manner.

    The entire years academics were put to a glance through the programme. Students were dressed up as wild animals community helpers.

    Also present on the occasion the Principal of the school Manuj Sharma and Vice Principal Mrs. Pushpa Bhalla uplifted the morale of the students.

    The whole function culminated with the blessings of the mentors with the hope that such learning would bring a remarkable revolution in the future.


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