Three accused in Satish Ram murder case arrested


    Jamshedpur, June 8: Police on Thursday arrested Suraj Gorai, Rakesh Sahu and Vishal Sharma in Satish Kumar Ram murder case. The trio have been sent to jail, said Patamda DSP Ajay Karketta, Azadnagar PS incharge Jitendra Thakur and Olidih PS incharge Mukesh Choudhary.

    Addressing a press conference, the police said, resident of Sankosai under Olidih Police Station 35-year-old Satish has asked for the location of his wife from Somvari Devi and when Somvari refused to inform Satish beat her up.

    When Somvari returned home she told about the incident to her grandson Kanhu Mardi alias Ajit Mardi who later with his friends Suraj, Rakesh Vishal and Kallu thrashed Satish ruthlessly at the latter’s house, said police.

    DSP further said that due to weak financial condition, Satish’s family couldn’t take up matter to the Police Station.

    DSP Ajay Karketta went on to say that Satish died during treatment at MGM Hospital on June 5 and then police took the matter seriously.

    Somvari Devi used to look after his three children as his wife Poonam Devi didn’t live with the family. Police filed a case against the culprits on the statements of Chanda Devi, sister of the deceased. Police started the investigation and arrested the three while one Kanu Mardi is still absconding.


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