Thousands walk to stay heart healthy in Steel city


    Jamshedpur, September 29: Its World Heart Day again, observed on 29th of September every year and this year’s theme is ‘Power Your Life’.

    As one of the leading cardiac and multispeciality hospital in the state of Jharkhand, Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Hospital – a unit of Narayana Health organized a ‘Walkathon’ in which more than 4000 people participated.

    The walkathon event commenced from Modi Park near Keenan Stadium on Thursday morning which traversed through Keenan Stadium, Sakchi roundabout before culminating at Modi park.

    Over 4000 people participated in the event including fitness enthusiasts, doctors, entrepreneurs, regular and differently abled athletes, students and health professionals across the steel city of Jamshedpur.

    The Walkathon was organized to create awareness among the people of Jharkhand to make heart-healthy choices for a happier and healthier life.

    The initiative has been undertaken to underline the importance of physical exercise in everyday life and that a good starting point is that walking, considered to be the simplest exercise of all is very good for the heart.

    Commenting on this initiative, Senior Cardiac Surgeon, Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Hospital said, “Hectic lifestyles, work-life imbalance leading to stress, and unhealthy dietary habits have contributed to increased incidences of heart diseases, especially in the younger generation.

    It is high time one thinks about making the right choices for a healthy heart. Therefore, we encourage the citizens of Jamshedpur to take up walking and regular physical activities as a habitual practice”.


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