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Theft of Rs 10 lakh at Azadnagar


Jamshedpur, Oct 17: Thieves stole property worth  Rs 10 lakhs by breaking the lock of the locked house of Shamsher Alam, a resident of Azadnagar 16, Mango police station area. The incident happened on October 14. An FIR has been registered at Azadnagar police station on the complaint of Shamsher Alam who has complained that he used to work abroad and was staying in Mango since a year. He was supposed to go abroad after Durga Puja. He had gone to Mumbai with his entire family from September 20 for the treatment of his mother-in-law suffering from cancer. He had given the key of the house to his relative who takes care of his house. When he returned from Mumbai on the morning of 14 October, he saw that the main gate of the house has been broken. The lock of the house was also broken. The items in the room were scattered and the cupboard was also open. The back door of the house was broken. In the house there were about 6 to 7 lakh jewelery in which gold, silver and diamond ornaments were missing and cash of nearly Rs 60,000 was also missing. 


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