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The silent PM in the making


By SK Nag

We were all taken aback knowing that Indian hockey teams for Olympic performance were envisioned by a state’s political leader who always remained silently resilient and bold enough to handle independently without cribbing like other states. A school-hockey team goalkeeper did not forget his passion and love for the game he once enjoyed. But he surprisingly made us proud and hopeful about a definite comeback in a world championship like historical days. He took over the challenge without going tom-tom around the country for silly political mileage. The country’s citizens have recognized his strong vision with the spectacular performance of our hockey teams in the recently concluded Olympic game in Tokyo. We are sure our hockey team is in safe hands.
We did not know when Orissa state took over the team after Sahara failed to fulfill the sponsor’s responsibility. He has shown leadership skills and love for the country and the game too, without any hesitation. By this time, it is clear to the readers he is the man who is heading the state of Orissa, Naveen Patnaik. The longest-serving 14th Chief Minister of the state. His political career started in the year 1997 after the demise of his father, Biju Patnaik. His pro-poor and able control of bureaucracy has confirmed his consecutive success since the year 2000. When the whole country was under BJP’s wave in 2013, he established his brand image independently and won the election with a strong foothold. His disaster management model was appreciated by the United nation and complimented him in 2013.

Besides all these, his resolute mindset to achieve any problematic task becomes accessible and achievable. He navigates the plan with his implementation skill and finally reaches the target. Indian Hockey team success is a live example of machinating the game plan for the Olympic championship. And rest is all known to us by now.

This silent working-out plan and coming out in flying colors indicate a quiet PM of India is in the making. Despite having independence many years ago, our country could not come out of religion and cast. Education, inclusive growth, GDP target, Business-friendly environment in the ecosystem are not seen in the parties’ manifesto. Indian population barring a few, do not bother about data security; they need food security & job security.

This state has a $ 75billion GDP with a 6 % CAGR (YOY). Though Orissa is an Agri based economy, it is a crucial FDI destination that has already bagged over $10 billion. This state has close to 9000MW installed power generation capacity, including thermal, hydro & renewable. This state is the first to have reformed its power sector by unbundling Generation, Transmission & distribution.

Orissa managed to set aside a sufficient amount of money from their regular government budget to enlighten the lost glory of India. He meticulously drafted and assigned the task to see that it must see the light at the end of the tunnel. For sure, in the next Olympics, our hockey team will definitely achieve some fantastic targets and create a record. His sponsoring hockey team has been an eye-opener for other states’ heads. And walking the talk in politics is not everybody’s cup of tea. He has front-ended the task of building the largest hockey stadium in the state and arranged many world championships in the state in order to attract the local as well as national talent into this sport. Orissa is a state comprising a sizable tribal population. It has an endless repository of potential and unexplored sports talents. He is going in the right direction to bring them into the mainstream sports to elevate the standard, and who knows, this country of 1.3 billion might see a medal tally like the US, China in the coming years.
Orissa is known to be the ‘Soul of India’ and surely will deliver us an able PM for the country in the coming years if BJP fails to meet the country’s aspirations. The opposition might shout slogans on Pegasus and completely deadlock parliament proceedings. Still, the Indian commoners do not pay any attention to what is happening in parliament. They are worried about the PM’s mind because that is the actual growth engine hatching the egg of development for our country.

Silence and a mindful approach are fundamental to good governance. Therefore, leading a country that resembles the state might change with vision and subtle aggression. A strategist can deliver anything and everything in a planned manner. Be it hockey or good governance, and everything has to follow a few steps like developing a plan, implementing the same, controlling and monitoring, that’s all. Naveen Patnaik has shown the skill of controlling the minimum touchpoint to achieve the more significant agenda. Therefore he is the silent PM in the making.

(Author is political and economic analyst. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at saibal.iim@gmail.com)


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