Tendering of Balu Ghat on panchayat and civic body: Raghubar Das


    Ranchi: The State Government has taken important decisions to remove roadblock in construction industry by stating that the task of tendering of sand quarry would be handed over to panchayats and local civic bodies.

    It would also help bringing down the price of sand which would help the common people as well. Chief Minister Raghubar Das has asked the department officials to issue notification to the effect.

    Carrying forward the earlier norm the State Government has issued directions that the panchayat bodies would look after the sand quarry and take necessary decisions on tendering.

    The panchayats and the civic bodies would look after the tendering process as per laid down rules. Also, vehicles to be used to carry sand would have to be registered with the district mining department.

    Orders have also been issued that local workers would be employed in the work of quarrying, lifting and transportation of sand an no machines would be used for the purpose. The funds of loading and transportation of sand would be made available by the district administration.

    As per the orders of the chief ministers the panchayat bodies and the civic bodies would have to take receipts from the concerned departments for getting funds.

    The sand would be sold on the prescribed price fixed by the administration. The transporters would have to receive receipts from those who would receive sand delivery. The receipts would have to be submitted to the panchayats and civic bodies.

    Names of panchayats, names of riverbeds, name of sand quarry and transporters name would be inscribed on the vehicles used for sand transportation.

    No quarry would be permitted within 50 meters of permanent structures on the rivers and below river waters, the order states.

    Those having stocks of sand would have to dispose it within 48 hours of delivery. Penal action would be initiated against persons found guilty of hoarding sand, the order said.

    The stated order will be enforced till tendering of sand completes on or before July 12 2015.


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