Telco Workers Union election on August 18


    Jamshedpur, July 31: On the lines of Tata Workers Union, Jharkhand High Court has ordered holding free and fair Telco Workers Union Election under the supervision of East Singhbhum DC DR. Amitabh Kaushal and SSP Anoop T Mathew on August 18.

    There are no election guidelines for Telco Workers Union. After the High court order to hold election with
    full transparency under the supervision of district administration, Model Code of Conduct has been implemented with immediate effect on Friday, July 31.

    On Friday, July 31 district Commissioner Dr. Amitabh Kaushal in a notification ordered that model code
    of conduct would be in effect from July 31.

    According to the notification the members and office bearers of executive committee should not indulge into such activities which could deter the freedom, neutrality and sanctity of the election.

    All Executive Committee/ AGM meetings should be convened prior to the written permission of the supervisor & the presence of the supervisor is necessary.

    Tata Motors should not get involved in such activities which can break the sanctity of the elections.

    The candidates are neither allowed to ask for votes on basis of caste, religion or region nor are they to
    threaten or tempt the voters. The candidate has to seek permission before campaigning.

    Any form of biasness in the election process is discouraged from members. All important tasks are to
    be executed under the supervision of the supervisor only and he is capable of declaring a process as null or void at any point of time.

    On breaching the code of conduct in the election, the supervisor at any point of time can disqualify a candidate, for which the candidate will be subjected to trial under the Indian Penal Code.

    According to the notification, draft for publication of constituency of executive committee members will be published on Tuesday, August 4.

    Nomination form including the proposer number and amount deposited will be published on August 4.

    Objections against the published draft of constituency will be accepted till Wednesday, August 5. On the
    same day objection to the nomination form including the proposer number and amount deposited will be heard.

    The finalization of draft will be published on Thursday, August 6. Voter list for the executive committee
    members will be published on August 7.

    Notification for election will held on August 10 and the nomination forms will also be distributed on the
    day. Two days have been allotted to submit the nomination form on August 11 and 12 while scrutiny will
    be held on August 13.

    Candidates who won’t contest the polls can take back their names by August 13 the same day candidate names will be published.

    The big day on Tuesday, August 18 when the elections will be held and the same day results will be declared.

    The notification further says that the elected members of the committee will hold the first meeting on the
    day of the result.


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