Teenaged girl raped at Olidih, father files FIR


    Jamshedpur : A 17-year-old girl was raped by a local youth at Hayat Nagar under Olidih Police Station in Mango at the wee hours of Wednesday.

    The victim Salma Sultan (name changed) was sleeping in the courtyard along with her family members. As the young girl had gone out of her house for the natures call a youth named Kana Firoze took her to an abandon area and raped her.

    Father of the victim Md Ashique, who ekes out a living by driving an auto, has filed an FIR at the local police station. He alleged that Kana Foroze, who is known for his mischievous activities, raped her daughter, when she had gone out in the wee hours of the day.

    “He has committed heinous crime and police must arrest him. He has committed several crimes but is still beyond police’s reach. It is matter of great concern as he has committed atrocities against several women” said the aggrieved father.

    Officials of Olidih Police Station confirmed that the a case of rape has been filed against Firoze, who latter managed to escape unhurt after committing heinous crime. The officials said that they have sent the girl to MGM Medical College and Hospital for medical examination.
    ” However we have increased the vigil across the area. A team is also engaged in conducting raids. We have gathered enough information about the accused,” said a police official.

    Cases of rape of minors and molestation of women are on the rise in the steel city. Several cases of heinous crime have been reported for fringe areas especially.  During the past one month, six cases of rape and five cases of molestation have been reported with the Parsudih and Babgera police stations areas alone.

    Even cases relating to cheating minor girls in the guise of love and marriage too have gone up. Experts blame it on inactive police administration which is said to be indifferent to control criminal activities and influx of criminals from outside.

    “The situation has fast changed in our city. Women are not feeling safe now. Steps need to be taken to ensure their protection. I am of the opinion that failure of police in arresting rape accused and people’s reluctance to file FIR regarding rape are some of the factors behind rising molestation cases”, Alpna Chakravarty says, an activist working for NGO.
    M Guria, officer-in-charge of Sakchi-based Women’s Police station, said in most of the cases registered with the Mango, Parsudih and Bagbera police station the teen-aged girls are falling victim. Another senior police officer said that crime can not be controlled till there is a change in human consciousness. However, police are trying to give exemplary punishment to criminals.


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