Technology one of the most important factors in the world: Narendran


    Jamshedpur, Jan 10: In this technology driven world the work load of humans has lessen and the reducing distance gap with the help of communication and the role that it plays in saving time and money, said TV Narendran MD Tata Steel addressing the inaugural function of the 7th National HR Conference organized by SAPPHIRE at XLRI.

    Present as the Chief Guest Narendran also cited the above using some examples from his personal experiences and Tata Steel. He then focused on the importance of technology in Training and Development, Learning, Knowledge Generation, Securing Knowledge that is about to retire. He further said that technology is one of the most important factors in the world. Social HR and its application in technology is an emerging field and is very relevant to be discussed at this point of time.

    The first session on HR analytics had T. Shivaram from SAP Labs and Pankaj Bansal from People Strong provide a kaleidoscope of ideas and thoughts. Mr. T Shivaram gave insights into the world of SAP HR analytics. Through SAP Jam, an internal social platform for its employees, Hr in SAP can have a hold on the pulse of the organization. Analytics in SAP has become an empowering toolto make right decisions as well as an eye opener to many problems in employee engagement, diversity, performance appraisals which might have gone un-noticed otherwise.

    Pankaj Bansal structured his presentation on data, hindsight, insight and foresight. According to him, HR in India still makes a lot of decisions in hindsight. 

    He told us how HR analytics and workforce analytics are not synonymous and emphasized on companies and HR to create an HR control room, where they can have info graphics i.e. charts, data representation, etc. to aid in better policies, interventions and decision making. It is not just about metrics but also about using appropriate metrics and asking relevant questions which will make HR analytics valuable.

    In the next panel, Suresh Dutt Tripathi of Tata Steel discussed about the increasing connectivity of future customers and their reliance on technology by the use of an example about his daughter’s ability to multitask by using technology. He discussed about the flexibility that can be attributed to technological advancement.

    With the advent of technology there are multiple pipelines going into multiple directions for each customer and organisations must leverage that by using Facebook, IM, Whatsapp, etc.

    Sujoy Banerjee of McNally Bharat told us about the extent to which Gen Y and the social media world are embedded. He discussed the transformation of HR Analytics from manual to excel sheets in its first stage and from excel sheets to ERP in its later stage. He told us about the way some people adapt to technology first because the rest of the world is doing so and later consider the implications of this change.

    He also gave his views on the shift of HR from a Data Enabler to a Decision Maker and told us the reasons for moving away from online appraisals and performance management.


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