Teachers answer curfew queries of Shyen students


    Jamshedpur, July 28: Sheyn International School today convened a special class that saw full attendance after a long curfew in the city.

    The teachers had to answer all queries of the young minds pertaining to the curfew. The budding minds were perplexed at the situational crisis which the city was gripped in.

    Some compared the curfew to an earthquake while others thought it to be a dictatorship.

    Teachers pacified the students who were shocked to know of the communal tension and expressed their ideas by means of collage & paintings.

    Students Mehul Agarwal, Madhurima, Raashi Gautam, Md. Sirajuddin, Agrani Singh, Smriti Priya, Sudhanshu Dev Rai, Tanzeela, Rahul Kuila, Shruti Maheswari, Tauqeer Asgar and Kashika Jain actively participated in the events.

    However the curfew has been lifted off and finally the people of the city can carry on with their normal procedures with peace.


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