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Tata Workers Union passes six months accounts


Jamshedpur, Nov 30: The finance committee of Tata Workers Union at a meeting passed the accounts for six months (from March to August).

The union leadership told all the members that the tax returns and audits for the months of April to March last year take a lot of time. Then the entire income-expenditure is audited by the auditor which takes a lot of time. In such a situation, this time accounts of six months are being passed simultaneously. From next time the accounts of two months will be passed.

At the same time, during the meeting, union’s vice president Shahnawaz Alam said that the retired employees should be given some other gift by increasing the amount of memento (gift of Rs 2500) given by the union. On this, the committee said to keep the matter in the committee meeting. After the meeting of the Finance Committee, it is expected that the committee meeting will also be held soon. But this time other issues will not be discussed.

The leaders of the opposition faction targeted the union leadership for simultaneously passing the accounts of six months simultaneously by claiming that earlier also there were auditors but never for more than four to five months accounts were passed.


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