Tata Steel observes 160th Hul Divas


    Jamshedpur : Tata Steels Tribal Cultural Society (TCS) in association with Sidhu Kanhu Cultural Society, today observed 160th Hul Divas at Lavkesra village in Surda, East Singhbhum.

    Patriotic fervour and gaiety marked the event as traditional songs on tribal martyrs Sidhu and Kanhu were presented by the contestants in a folk song competition held on the occasion.

    The artists resorted to a range of tribal musical instruments while delivering performances.The event offered interesting insights of tribal life through different competitions. One of them that hogged the limelight was the tribal games competitions.

    The competitions were followed by cultural events like traditional dance forms Baha, Rinjha, Donged.Hul Diwas commemorates the martyrdom of four brothers – Sidho, Kanhu, Chand and Bhairav.

    They led the Santhal Hul (1855-57), assembling a large number of Santhals against the British Rule, one of the most severe revolutions that the British administration ever faced in India.


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