Tata Steel launches FY 17 Q2 campaign


    Jamshedpur, July 5: Tata Steel has always put safety first. To achieve the goal of zero harm as a part of Six Safety’ strategic priorities, theme-based quarterly safety campaigns guideline was rolled out in FY’17 to address current major concerns by identifying gaps at our work place, operating procedures, workplace practices and subsequently bridging those gaps to make the workplace safer.

    The first quarter campaign was about “Slip, Trip and Fall & Hit/Press by Object” was launched in the month of April. It resulted in the identification and correction of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions related to hazards present in our workplace, a press communiqué issued by the company on Tuesday stated.

    FY ‘17 Second quarter campaign on “Material Handling – Be Clear, Stay Clear” has been launched on July 5 at the Steelenium Hall inside the Jamshedpur Works. The objective of the FY ‘17 Q2 campaign on material handling – “Be Clear, Stay Clear” is three-fold.

    First, to inculcate safe behavior regarding material handling by appreciating the safe act and rectifying the unsafe act. This is to be facilitated during focused line walk by sSenior leadership team as well as CFT team audit during the campaign.

    Second, to develop competency among our own employees and contractor employees involved in material handling activities by material handling safety communication in the department.

    Third, to carry out focused audit by departmental cross functional team for identifying material handling related hazards and mitigate them through engineering/administrative control vide a systematic time bound plan so that we can achieve at least 50 percent reduction of injuries due to better material handling in current year FY ‘17.

    The campaign was launched by Sudhansu Pathak, vice-president, Steel Manufacturing; Sahnawaz Alam, vice-president, Tata Works Union; and Andrew Page, vice-president, Safety.

    The divisions that had contributed significantly in the FY 17 Q1 Safety campaign on “Slip/ Trip/ Fall & Hit/ Press by Object” were also felicitated.

    The Steel Manufacturing Division was declared the winner, Raw Material Division as first runners up and Iron Making Division as second runners up in the Q1 Safety Campaign.


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