Tata Steel facilitates stakeholder consultation for deciding the threshold value of minerals


    Jamshedpur/Noamundi, Aug. 21: The Noamundi Iron Mine of Tata Steel facilitated the stakeholder consultation for deciding the threshold value of minerals for eastern states.

    The workshop to this effect was organised by Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) at JRD Tata Training Institute auditorium, Noamundi.

    IBM is a subordinate office of Ministry of Mines, Government of India, which is engaged in the conservation and development of the valuable mineral resources of the country.

    The workshop was inaugurated by the Ranjan Sahai, Controller General, IBM, who graced the occasion as chief guest along with Chanakya Chaudhary, Group Director, Corporate Communications and Regulatory Affairs, Tata Steel, Anupam Nandi, Regional Controller of Mines, Ranchi Region, IBM, S K Adhikari, Chief Mining Geologist, IBM and Pankaj Satija, General Manager (Ore Mines & Quarries), Tata Steel.

    Satija welcomed the gathering and urged all the mining companies to participate in the discussion to have fair representation of the case of eastern states in framing the policy and said that the mining companies should aim towards zero waste mining.

    Chaudhary in his address said: I am sure that lot of inputs will come from all stakeholders through this engagement. The workshop will enable us to review and revise the threshold value of minerals and come out with optimum solution for fixing the threshold value.”

    Sahai thanked Tata Steel for organizing the workshop at Noamundi Iron Mine. Mr Sahai expressed his views on scientific and systematic exploration of mines. He talked about the use of drones in surveying, mine planning and management and sought suggestions from stakeholders in embedding it in the system.

    Threshold value of minerals is the limit prescribed by IBM from time to time based on the beneficiability and or marketability of a mineral for a given region and a given time, below which a mineral obtained after mining can be discarded as waste.

    The workshop was attended by over 150 stakeholders including the mining companies, namely, Tata Steel, SAIL, Rungta Mines, Essel Mining and Triveni, policy makers and regulators from the eastern region.

    The inaugural session was followed by the technical sessions on iron ore and manganese ore, where the threshold value of these minerals were reviewed and discussed.


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