Students should stay away from social media: Dr. Ajoy Kumar


    Jamshedpur, Jan. 16: Former Jamshedpur MP and national spokesperson of congress Dr. Ajoy Kumar on Monday inaugurated the library and laboratory at SS Academy in Baliguma.

    On the occasion Principal of the school, Lata Mankar gave a welcome address where students presented a welcome song. At the event students and Dr. Ajoy came face to face where students asked several questions related to schooling and career. Replying to the same, Dr. Ajoy informed the students about the three important rule of a student life.

    He said that a student should sleep in time and wake up early. A Student should not watch TV and stay away from social media like Facebook and Whatsapp.

    Dr. Ajoy advised the students to read a book every month. On the occasion district congress president Bijay Khan, school president Mathura Singh, secretary prince Singh, trustee Anita Singh, mayank Pratap Singh, Rahul Goswami, PN Sharma, Mukulika, Navneeta, Tarveen, Reena, Veena, Vandana, Sonali, Neeraj and others teachers were present.


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